Counseling, Addictions and Crisis Response Services

Launch of New Counseling Resource:  KTLO Counseling, Addiction and Critical Incident Response Services.

I am excited to announce the opening of KTLO Counseling, Addiction and Critical Incident Response Services.  Located at the east end of Hamilton, ON, KTLO brings to both the local Gershome and other more distant communities within and beyond Hamilton an accessible, caring response to the emotional and psychic pain and the collateral disruption to joy and peace that the reversals of life introduces to the daily-ness of peoples’ lives.

KTLO is intended to be an effective resource for people who are seeking help to return to joyous, pain-free living.  But I hope that it will be especially useful for all those who are curious about how they can grow from those difficult experiences.  In other words, for those who are interested, KTLO offers liberation-growth counseling, an opportunity for self-understanding, for healing and for re-visioning.  Alternatively, if the goal is to resolve an immediate crisis, to enhance skills to prevent or deal with an impending unwanted occurrence or to reaffirm extant strengths or to explore possibilities using those strengths, to obtain clarity regarding a perplexing situation, to engage in depth psychotherapy or to access follow-up care for a psychological condition or even simply to vent, protest and/or lament, KTLO is a viable, caring option.

Launch of New Counseling Resource



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